Major Cody Benslay, the Jail Division Director, and his staff of experienced professionals invite you to look through the Jail Division web pages for useful information.

The Fayette County Jail is primarily a pre-trial Detention Center where persons accused of crimes that cannot bond out, await their court dates.

Fayette County Office of the Sheriff Jail

The Fayette County Jail also houses persons sentenced to serve up to 12 months and persons sentenced for more serious crimes until space is available at State facilities.

Facility Information

With over 554 beds in one facility, a medical unit, and serving about 900 meals per day, the operation of the Fayette County Jail is equivalent to that of a small town. The primary concerns for the Officers on a daily basis are the safety and security of the inmates, visitors and staff while performing all the functions necessary to make the jail efficient.

All this is accomplished 24 hours a day, seven days a week by 96 professional men and women.

Jail Division Information

The Jail Division prides itself on the dedication, integrity and honesty of these Officers. The Jail Officers work very hard and willingly go beyond the requirements of their normal duties to perform their tasks. It is because of the quality and dedication of these Officers that we believe the Fayette County Jail is one of the best in the State.