Golf Cart Ordinance

Fayette County and Peachtree City in particular are internationally renowned for the integration of motorized (golf) carts into the transportation infrastructure. Peachtree City's more than 90 miles of multi-use/cart paths provide a significant alternative means of transportation through the city.

Un-incorporated Fayette County, while not yet possessing as extensive a multi-use/cart path system as Peachtree City is working diligently to expand its network of paths with the intention of linking the path systems of all of our cities. The use of this type of transportation is a significant issue in our community.

The disparity in cart paths in Peachtree City and un-incorporated Fayette County is significant; there are also differing rules between authorized use inside Peachtreee City and un-incorporated Fayette County. In addition to knowing if one is operating a motorized cart inside Peachtree City or not, knowing the differing rules is important as well.