Inmate Mail

Note: Bulk mailings are NOT permitted at and will be denied.

In an effort to prevent the introduction of drugs and contraband, Fayette County Jail has updated their policy for sending mail to inmates. All inmate personal mail will be sent to a central processing facility, not the jail where an inmate is housed. At this JailATM mail central facility, mail will be opened, scanned, and made available electronically to the inmate at the facility for a period of 14 days on devices. Beginning September 1, 2023. ALL personal inmate mail shall be mailed to the following address utilizing existing jail facility mail rules:

· All incoming personal mail for inmates must be in the form of plain postcards (no photographs or pictures), with postage embossed, pre-printed or ink stamped, that comply with current U.S. Postal Service regulations regarding postcards (no larger than 4 ¼ inches high by 6 inches long by 0.016 inch thick). Personal mail other than postcards will be returned to the sender. – Fayette County Jail

Inmate Name/Inmate Number

925B Peachtree Street, NE, Box 2062

Atlanta, GA 30309

Notice: Effective September 1, 2023, any personal mail received directly to Fayette County Jail will be Returned to Sender.

Legal Mail

Legal mail shall be mailed directly to the jail facility. All legal mail must be sent by a legally approved entity and contain return address that can be verified. Legal entities: Attorney at Law, Clerk of Court, Parole, Probation, Courts, and Judges, etc.

Legal Mail – Must Contain the following Fayette County Jail AND Verifiable Return Address

Inmate Name/Inmate Number

145 Johnson Ave.

Fayetteville, GA 30161

Mail Regulations for Inmates at Fayette County Jail

All inmates are permitted to send and receive mail. Mail can be sent to anyone EXCEPT: victims of your crime, (TPO) against the inmate that prohibits such contact, and anyone under a conditional bond with a no contact order.

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