Records Section

The Records Section of the Support Services Division is responsible for maintaining accurate records on all: 

  • Arrest booking reports
  • Civil service documents
  • Incident reports
  • Supplemental reports

Staff Responsibilities

The staff of this Section is responsible for entering data from the aforementioned reports into our in-house computer system and for maintaining copies of all traffic citations. The Records Section assists with reports, checking criminal records and giving other assistance as request interacting routinely with our:

  • Citizens
  • Courts
  • Prosecutors
  • Local businesses 

Statistical data relating to crime activity is maintained by this Section and disseminated to the public, media and other agencies. This information also may be obtained on this website by clicking onto the corresponding link.

In compliance with the Georgia Open Records Act, this Section is responsible for providing copies of incident and accident reports to citizens upon request.

Georgia Crime Information Center / National Crime Information Center

The Records Section is responsible for the operation of the Georgia Crime Information Center/National Crime Information Center (GCIC/NCIC) terminals and for the validation of the information that is entered. Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics are compiled by this Section and submitted monthly to GCIC. Personnel in this Section also provide criminal histories to the citizens of our county when necessary for employment, travel, adoption, etc.

More Information

For questions or concerns regarding any of the services provided by the Records Section, please call 770-716-4790.