Technology is Only Half the Story

Project Lifesaver belongs to each community. It's all about people and partnerships. Local law enforcement, civic groups, local businesses and caregivers join in developing and strengthening all aspects of the program including rescues, education and especially fund raising so that families in financial need can have the protection and peace of mind.

Project Lifesaver emphasizes relationships between team members and the people who wander before the need may arise for a rescue. Team members visit the home of the bracelet recipients to install the transmitter and make regular visits to maintain the equipment. Project Lifesaver teams are specially trained, not only in search and rescue and the use of the electronic tracking equipment, but also in the methods necessary to communicate with a person who has Alzheimer's disease or related disorder. 

Locating the individual is only part of the mission. The person who is located will be disoriented, anxious, and untrusting. The Project Lifesaver team knows how to approach the person, gain their trust and put them at ease for the trip home.